Your difficulty wants to teach you something. No kidding. Really.

In some mysterious and magical way, writing the answers to the Wonder Anew questions (whatever comes to you) brings information and clarity about yourself and your difficulty. If you're like me, you'll experience a life-changing shift: "The problem is not the problem. The problem is how to work with the problem." - Virginia Satir

Are you ready to answer the questions? THEY'RE HERE.  

(Need an example of how others use the questions? Look here.)

When you finish, share what you wrote with a confidant (preferably read out loud), someone you trust who will quietly listen (without offering advice or solutions) to allow you to hear yourself and gain insight. Or send your response to me. I consider it a privilege to listen.

One more thing—

Think you're the only one with problems?

Nah. We all have them.

Here are some problems others have taken through The Questions to see what they can learn and transform.

"I have trouble making and keeping friends."

"I got arrested for shoplifting."

"I had to go the bathroom."

"I heard him murder my parents."

"I stopped exercising."

"My husband tried to shoot me."

"I am cheating on my boyfriend."

"I have COPD and still smoke."

"I accidentally cut off my finger."

"I think I'm having a lymphoma relapse."

"Running errands stresses me."

"I lost my inheritance."

"I stopped exercising."

"I actually feel bodily pain watching my sister continue to drink."

"I feel anxious if I don't have my phone."

"I want to write a memoir and I'm paralzyed to begin."

"I obsess over things that usually don't happen."

"I will not have a bowel movement at home when my husband is there because I don't want him to smell it."

"I tend not to open up about personal problems to people I completely trust."

"I feel alone in my mind and heart."

"I'm intolerant of quirks in people, class structure, and difference."

"I have problems with how others view me."

"I get anxious when I have nothing to do."

"I'm extremely close to becoming a misanthrope."

"My parent's divorce affects how I feel about myself."

"My face embarrasses me."

"I feel nervous and anxious and afraid of failing."

"I let my grades define my self-worth."

"I want to quit every job I get."

"I am giving all my extracurricular time to a sport I don't like but I do it because my dad did it and won a lot of acclaims and he wants me to do it."

"My parents put stress on me about school."

"I have borderline personality disorder. I'm having a hard time trying to live my life and feel like a whole and fulfilled person. I am coping with crippling amounts of mental illness and am not in a position to be reciving treatment right now."

"My parents have started to fight a lot."

"I'm disorganized and unable to throw things away."

"I transferred schools this year and I miss my friends."

"I feel my high energy repels my friends."

"I want to forgive my mother."

"My biological father left me when I was a toddler and I never saw him again."

"I hate my body. I've been in bad shape my whole life."

"I feel a nodule in my thyroid area. I googled it and now I'm freaking out."

"I feel that I will be unable to finish my novel or that I am not a capable enough writer, or not outstanding enough to succeed as an author. I worry that the writing which I have devoted so much time to will not be read and that I will disappoint myself." (high school student)

"My stress is dealing with all the tests in school."

"I'm struggling to accept that my family supports me going to art school because I think they really want me to be someone else."

"I'm frustrated watching my friend change her behavior to fit in with a different crowd."

"I get upset when my parents fight."

"The boy I like is moving out of state."

"My performance in school is dropping. I feel stressed and incapable and wary because I don't know how to fix it."

"I feel guilty whenever I do anything non-school related."

"I hold back from sharing my feelings."

"I have severe lumbar spinal stenosis and feel useless."

"I am unable to receive treatment for my mental illness because I am a minor and can't be treated without parental consent until I am 18. My parents refuse to acknowledge or assist me with my problems."