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PROJECT TALK + LISTEN is my personal practice and experiment to talk openly and listen empathetically. It’s a chance to work with two experiences:

Talking with genuineness and transparency.

Listening from the other’s point of view without judgment, evaluation, approval or disapproval of the statements.

You're invited to join me! (More about why I created this project HERE.)


Choose a topic. They're HERE.

Read, listen, watch, or look at the topic.

Take turns talking and listening as you:

1. Describe what you saw, heard, or read.

"Describing is a process of overall observing, particular noticing, and telling what you see or otherwise sense...To describe is to name it and its characteristics and qualities...People seem to believe that if what they are asked to describe is in front of you and them, then they think there is no need to say what they see because they wrongly assume that we all see the same things in the same way. We do not. We look at things differently, we notice different aspects, and we use different words when we tell about what we see." - Terry Barrett, CRITS (in contract, Bloomsbury Publishing, London)

2. Complete each of these two sentences in paragraphs.

When I see/read/listen/watch _____, I think _____ …

When I see/read/listen/watch _____, I feel _____ …

3. Later, reflect on the experience. If you choose, share it with your Talk + Listen partner.

Here is a PDF of this page.